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Pastor Kevin Broyhill

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for taking the time to consider the ministry of David and Amy Smith. I have known Bro. David and his wife for a number of years and have been impressed with their single hearted desire to take the gospel to the needy people of New Zealand. David and Amy have worked hard to get to this point and are now excited about the opportunity to share the burden God has given them with churches like yours.

David is a young man who grew up here at Calvary Baptist Church, graduated from our Christian school and later graduated from our college. I actually became acquainted with David while he was attending Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC. Even then David sensed God's call on his life and set his heart on being a missionary to New Zealand. I led my former church of sixteen years to support them when the traveled to New Zealand on a survey trip to confirm God's will for their lives. Since that time God has blessed them with two beautiful twin girls Abigail and Elisabeth and a son, Andrew. They are convinced that now is the time for them to launch out into the ministry God has called them to. Now as their sending pastor, they have my full support and the blessing of our church on their ministry.

Pastor, thank you again for taking the time to consider the Smith's as a possible addition to your church's missionary program. I do not believe you will be disappointed with their ministry. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

For His Harvest,
Kevin Broyhill
Calvary Baptist Church, King, NC

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Dr. Roger Baker

Dear Pastor,

I want to introduce you to David and Amy Smith. They are members of our church and are currently on deputation to the country of New Zealand. They are being assisted by Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Missions.

David and his mother came to our church when David was just a young boy. He grew up under my ministry and graduated from our Christian School. Since a young boy, David has sensed the Lord's calling upon his life to go to New Zealand as a missionary. After attending Ambassador Baptist College and graduating from Calvary Baptist Bible College, David has applied and been accepted by FBWWM. While in college, David met and married Amy. God has blessed them with twin daughters and a son. Amy is supportive of the decision to go to New Zealand. They have made one trip to that country as a couple to see first hand the culture and the needs of those people.

I believe David and Amy will do their best to honor the Lord and be worthy of your church's support. I hope you will pray about having them and helping them get to the country of their calling. Preacher, thank you for taking the time to consider David and Amy Smith as possible candidates for your church's support. If I can answer further questions, please feel free to call me.

Yours in Christ,
Roger Baker, Administrator
Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary, King, NC

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Pastor Ed Hannahs

Dear Brother in Christ,

I want to recommend to you and your church David and Amy Smith missionaries to New Zealand.

David and Amy met at Ambassador Baptist College. After their graduation and marriage they moved to Marshalltown, Iowa to serve the Lord at Fellowship Baptist Church where Amy is originally from. David and Amy were faithful, loyal servants to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amy was serving by teaching in our Christian school, and both David and Amy served in the bus ministry. David also helped by teaching and preaching when the opportunities arose.

David and Amy have witnessed the power of God working in their lives through His calling, and through His faithfulness in some difficult situations. Through setbacks, health problems and discouragement, God has stirred their hearts more and confirmed His calling upon their lives.

I am thankful to know that David and Amy have the faith, courage, and the perseverance to be called and equipped to be missionaries for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Will you please pray about inviting David and Amy to your church to present their calling? Would you please pray about joining us in supporting David and Amy to be your missionaries to the Kiwis? Thank you.

Yours for Christ,

Edwin C. Hannahs, Pastor
Fellowship Baptist Church
1008 East Olive St.
Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

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Pastor Chad Lambe

Hello, my name is Chad Lambe and I pastor Gospel Mission Baptist Church in Tobaccoville, NC. We are a rural church with a heart and love for missionaries. I speak to you today on behalf of David Smith and his family who are our missionaries to New Zealand. I have personally known David for over 10 years.

When my wife and I started attending his sending church, Calvary Baptist in King, David was active in the bus ministry and attending the Bible College. He was faithful to the Saturday Bus visitation program and had a desire to see young and old alike attend church via his bus route.

I have had the privilege of being a student along with David as well. He was nearing completion of his bachelor’s degree when I started college. He was a good student who got along well with his classmates. He always had his laptop and took the best and neatest notes. He was very thorough in what he did.

It was in Bible College where I heard David’s desire to be a missionary to the people of New Zealand. He shared his burden, which began shortly after he was saved at a young age. The vision has never left David. Anytime you would speak to David the conversation would always end up in New Zealand: the population, climate, rainfall, government, and reaching the people for Jesus’ sake. His heart has always been in New Zealand its just waiting on his body.

David has been blessed with a wife who shares his vision, burden, and desire for the people of New Zealand. She is a faithful Christian, a godly wife, and a mother of three precious children. Amy is a soft-spoken lady with a heart to please her Saviour. She has supported David in the good and bad times. They have a marriage that any husband and wife would want to emulate. Their bond is important for the work God has called them to do.

Gospel Mission Baptist Church has had the privilege of supporting David and his family from the beginning of their deputation endeavor. He has been faithful to keep us informed of his ministry and support via his newsletter.

I want to recommend David Smith and his family to be your missionaries to the people of New Zealand. Please pray that you can share in his vision for the people of New Zealand.

Chad Lambe, Pastor
Gospel Mission Baptist Church
4370 Reid Road
Tobaccoville, NC 27050

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Deacon Brian Cutforth

What has impressed me most about Brother Dave is that he has an absolute desire to be here, and serve with us in this part of the country.  We have a population that is a mixture of both Maori and pakea, which is European New Zealanders, who all need the Gospel.  Our young people, and people in this region, have very little hope.  A lot of the hope they are relying on is false -drugs, alcohol, and the likes, which is causing many problems in this part of the country. 

It’s great to know someone like Brother Dave has an absolute desire to be here, and meet these people and share with them the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We prayed for the last eight months since we had been without a pastor in our church for someone to pastor and lead our church, but also that person have an absolute desire to be here.

We know the Lord will bless and guide Brother Dave and that God has called him to New Zealand, and called him to serve with us here in Whangarei.

Brian Cutforh, Deacon
Calvary Baptist Church, Whangarei

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