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I was saved when I was eight years old. Pastor Roger Baker led me to the Lord while counseling me about my parents’ divorce. I attended Calvary Christian School and graduated in 1998. The Lord called me to preach during a missions conference at Calvary when I was ten. I attended Ambassador Baptist College and finished my training at Calvary Baptist Bible College in 2005. We took a survey trip to New Zealand in 2005 and believe the Lord has called us to go there.

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I realized my need for a Savior one Sunday morning when I was nine years old. One of my Sunday school teachers took me to a side room and helped me receive Christ. I was baptized when I was thirteen along with my Mom and brother who had both recently trusted Christ.

David and I met at Ambassador Baptist College where I was studying to be a teacher. We were married on December 23rd, 2000. It is my desire to follow my husband as we serve Christ together in the country of New Zealand.

When we get to New Zealand our plan is to work with a veteran missionary while we adjust to the culture. Following that, we plan to start a church in the Queenstown area on New Zealand’s South Island. Our plan is to establish a church, and remain as its pastor once it is self sufficient. Our hope is this church will become the plant by which the seed of the Gospel will be spread throughout the region and many other churches are started. There are literally hundreds of towns in this region with no Gospel preaching church. And every one of them is a place where an independent fundamental Baptist church could be started.

As we travel to churches our goal is to do more than just raise support. We realize reaching Kiwis for Christ is a responsibility bigger than ourselves. Matthew 9:36 says, when Jesus saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. Our prayer is God will use this ministry to give believers a vision for the need of the Gospel in New Zealand. There is something all of us can do to help get the Gospel to New Zealand. May God give each of us a vision to reach Kiwis for Christ.